Thursday, March 23, 2006

Wrapping things up

{stream of conciousness, "on"}

At work. On my fifth cup of coffee. Very little sleep last night - practice ran late, because I had to practice/teach Panis Angelicus with/to L. Much fun, very pretty - but that took 45 minutes after practice was over. My choir director told me he'd be out of town the day after I get back from my trip - which made our pianist look at me and say "you ARE going to be there on Sunday."  I think he wants to change around some of the music, so I guess I'd better look and see what we're supposed to be doing in the first place and then what we can do instead. I started working 7:30-4:30 this week, which means I have to be at work 30 minutes earlier than usualy. which is all so that I can go to the stupid gym after work.
Have I mentioned that I don't particularly like to work out? This isn't as horrible as what my hubby does, but it is still far from enjoyable. Oh well. I've lost about 10 pounds in the past month, so it must be worth it. Stupid body that needs exercise.
And while we're on the topic of stupidity - the stupid french people have succeeded in re-arranging my travel plans. We're staying in Amsterdam til Wed. Which means one less day in Paris. Stupid people. So now we're talking about finding the horse-back riding place that's just outside of Amsterdam so we can see a little bit of the country outside of the city. Since I love horses and riding, this is the thing that is saving France from  my wrath, which they should fear. :) The hotel we're staying at in Amsterdam is being wonderful about allowing us to wait til the very last minute to decide if we're staying for the fourth night - in case the strike doesn't actually happen.  These people are so nice, they're in the perfect location for us. I'm pretty sure that any time we go, we'll be staying with them.
New cup of coffee, new paragraph. I haven't even packed a thing yet. When I get off today (I wish I could leave early) I get to go work out again (see above paragraph for my thoughts on that), then take hubby to pick up the dearly beloved motorcylce, which has been having it's tires changed and some maintenance work done. I've been dying to get it back, so that we could go for a ride. I've been waiting for a week for the stupid thing to be ready, and now that it is, I have to wait more than a week. but I'd rather go on vacation than ride the bike, so I'll stop complaining now. :)
I really need to go to Wal-Mart tonight. I need to do laundry. Best Friend's coming over tonight, too - so I may have to cook a little something. A VERY little something. And I'll send her home with the leftovers. Luckily, she's not tired of pasta and red sauce. And if she is, then she's too good of a friend to tell me.
After food, comes packing. Which takes longer for this kind of trip than it does if I'm just going to visit family for a week. Who knows what we may end up doing over there? I need different types of clothes, but I also need plenty of comfortable, let's-go-be-tourist clothes. and I need to limit myself to one suitcase, since I need to leave some room in the big one to bring back stuff in. I have one friend that's sent me a shopping list, a woman at work that wants me to go looking for a skirt (That might not happen, since I'm supposed to go to the Left Bank to find it - and I don't think hubby'll allow that right now), and I have to buy presents for people. And then there's the shoes to consider....Luckily, I'm good at packing lots of stuff in the big suitcase. And then, I can always make hubby cart it all over the place for me, while I pull along the smaller one. After all, if he's going to work out and get all those muscles, he should use them for a practical purpose, right?

Tomorrow morning, I'm going to work out again - I'm trying to cut down on the guilt I feel when I eat whatever the hell I want, because that's exactly what I'll do. Then I have to go to the bank. Tomorrow's pay day, so I have to convert a big chunk of that into traveller's checks. Back home in time to run to Wal-Mart again for something that I'll forget to buy tonight (I've learned to leave time for that - the older I get, the less memory space I seem to have). Hubby's friend is picking us up about 12:15 to take us to the airport. Where we will sit, bored out of our skulls for a couple of hours. Then we'll get on a plane and go to Philadelphia, where we will be bored for yet 2 more hours, before finally getting on a plane and sleeping.

Well, I guess I can just use this blog post as my checklist for the next 24 hours, to make sure I've done everything. Of course, I'll still have lists for things I need to pack, things to buy, chores to complete, things to tell Best Friend about the cats....

And damn it, I forgot I have to get in my first edit to Siren before I leave. I better go make s

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