Friday, March 24, 2006

Odds and Ends

Plans have changed yet again. (By the way, how are you feeling about The-Trip-That-Everyone-Except-My-Mother-Is-Tired-OF-Hearing-About? Tired of it yet?) ahem. We'll get into Amsterdam Saturday, and go to Paris on Monday to get there before the strike. There's enough stuff to do within walking distance of Friend's apartment that we can keep ourselves occupied while the Paris people do whatever it is they're going to do - or more realistically, not do - on Tuesday. My mother's two pieces of advice (I'm paraphrasing here): 1.) Please stay away from crowds that look like they're up to something. I do not want to see you on CNN; and 2.)Watch out for contruction crews. Ok, to get the last one, you have to know that I fell in Scotland on my honeymoon last year, on a curb that was under construction. I spent 7 out of 9 days on a gray cane, which came to me courtesy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. So I am basically killing time at this point, wanting it to be this time tomorrow. I've called my mom, talked with the sisters, packed almost everything. I'm waiting for the bank to open at 9 so I can go drain my paycheck out of it. There's tons of little things I should probably do, and will, once I can drag myself off of the computer. In news that surprisingly has nothing to do with The-Trip-That-Everyone-Except-My-Mother-Is-Tired-OF-Hearing-About, I am now officially a copy-editor for Siren Publishing. It's a freelance thing that I can do on my lunchbreaks and in the evenings...enough to pay for my coffee addiction and part of my love affair with the winery that opened up down the road. Many Kudos to sis for telling me about it. My husband has decided to torture me by putting The Three Stooges on TV and walking out of the room. I think this is some kind of a test - how long will I last with this on before I go crazy? It could be any second. I am sooooo not a Stooges fan. Google's Page Creator thing finally sent me an invitation last Monday. I've spent all of about twenty seconds on it making my page, but I'll probably play around with it when I get home. Feel free to check it out, but I warned you - it's pretty boring at the moment. And that's all I can think of to write about at the moment. I'm sure I'll have lots of fun things to write when I get home. I may even have a chance to make a quick post or two while I'm gone. That doesn't mean I will - I've found that wine severely limits one's ability to write coherant thoughts.

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