Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Paris, I beg of you...

...just let me get in and out. I'll keep myself safe while I'm there.
And if fell like compromising - just let me get there safely. You can keep me in the country for a while, just let me get there.

From the International Herald Tribune(emphasis mine):
French students and unions have stepped up pressure on the government, calling for a day of demonstrations and strikes March 28 to fight a hotly contested new labor law that makes it easier for companies to fire young employees.
Have I mentioned that March 28 is the day I'm arriving in Paris? We're taking the train from Amsterdam, so this paragraph caused a bit of worry:
Though French unions account for less than 10 percent of the country's work force, their concentration in the public sector, particularly in transportation, gives them the ability to wreak havoc on daily life, putting enormous pressure on the government.
Now, would it really be so bad if I had to spend an extra night or two in Amsterdam? No, not really. It's a beautiful city. Very friendly people, lots of fun stuff to do and some great shopping. I'm sure I'd find a way to keep myself occupied, and I'd have a blast doing it.
But I'd really like to see Paris.

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