Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Attention: Whomever Makes The Weather

Please consider making March 24th a bright and beautiful spring day. Thank you.

I love my local Meteorologist's weather blog. There's always a cool story, fun picture, or just interesting meteorological tidbits of information around there. They also put up weather discussions...and something popped up this afternoon that is not making me happy.
"FRIDAY (March 24): Winter weather fans will love the 12Z GFS... itpaints a deep surface low moving across the northern Gulf of Mexico,with heavy rain developing across the Gulf coast states, and asignificant snow event for the northwest part of Alabama and intoTennessee."

Now, he does go on to say this, immediatly after: "BUT REMEMBER... this is all voodoo at this point. No confidence inanything specific here, and this feature might go away in future runs.But, we will be watching for trends. Something like this is certainlypossible in March... but I am not saying it will happen. Just too faraway."

He's not one to be an extremest, and he always makes the point that his blog is about weather discussion, not weather prediction (that's on the weather homepage). That's one reason I love him - he doesn't jump on the "we're going to have snow!" bandwagon. And he can't control his models. But, since I am leaving for The-European-Vacation-That-Everyone-Is-Sick-Of-Hearing-About on that Friday:

I do not want any snow on March 24. You can have a tornado on the 23rd and a blizzard on the 25th. But please, for one day, let me have sunshine.

Thank you.

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