Sunday, March 12, 2006

An afternoon at the theater

StepSon's high school had their spring musical this weekend. They did Little Shop of Horrors, something that I knew nothing about. One friend told me that it was a spoof of all those horrible "B" movies. Wrong. The acting was actually much better than I expected. The musicians were great. The singing was even mostly very good. And the lighting - StepSon's role in the weekend's entertainment - was, of course, spectacular. The play, however, sucked. The first act was mostly ok. There were a few funny lines, the music was ok, the {thin} plot was somewhat interesting. Not great, not bad. But by halfway through the second act, things got screwy and I totally did not understand why people think this is a hilarious play. Maybe talking venus-fly-trap-like-things just aren't my cup of tea. The lighting, however, was unbelievably good.

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