Wednesday, March 01, 2006

What to write about...

Earlier this week, my sister accused me of dropping off the face of the earth....I guess I have been in a hole of some kind for the past week. It's not that I have nothing on my mind. I have quite a lot on my mind. But lately, nothing I do or think or read seems quite 'blog-worthy.'
As soon as I wrote that, I realized that the last sentence implies that I am now analyzing my life - what I see, hear, read, think, do - and putting everything into one of two categories: That which is/will be worthy of being blogged, and that which isn't.

I don't like being put in neat little boxes. So I have just decided to write about things that probably aren't very blog worthy, but now they are by the simple fact that I have blogged about them. See how I can create realities for myself? wink

Today I'm working on an email reference request that came through our website. It's not one of the most exciting questions, I've ever answered, but it's better than others. I'm helping some guy from Scotland with a Marginalia Study. What, you may ask, is that? That's when someone who needs to write a dissertation decides to analyze what has been written in the margins of books. I've seen studies that focused on one person's collection - what they wrote in all their books - and I've seen ones that focus on one specific book, then try to find out what many different people wrote in the margins.
It's kind of interesting if you have a copy that has been actually written in. It's even more interesting when they write interesting comments.
When they only underline, it's kind of a bore.
My book has about 20 underlined sentences.

Today is Ash Wednesday. I'm celebrating by having Chicken Rotini Soup for lunch (I have fallen in love with Progresso's soups), and probably a beef soft taco from Taco Bell for dinner. I know, it breaks both the
abstinenceand fasting laws that I'm 'supposed' to follow. I haven't done that in years. Just call me a bad, bad girl.

Last weekend it rained. A lot. It rained so much, that my parking decal that I have to keep stuck on the outside of my windshield came off. Don't ask me why the government can't come up with decals that could be stuck on the inside of a windshield.

Oh, but the rain was really inspirational. Or maybe it was the fact that I got to spend the whole weekend with my husband (hadn't spent an entire weekend with him in about a month), and half of it was spent in the bed, and....
Oops. Mom, just forget you read that. kiss

Back to the inspiration (and not what caused it)- I went to work on an already-started story at one point, but ended up plotting out this really involved ....Thing (not sure what to call it). Not the whole thing, but the whole back story and the beginning of the 'real' story. In fact, I made the back story so interesting, I might just have to make it interesting enough to write more about and make it have its own story.

So, what have you been up to?

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