Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stupid Dentists

I went to my Maxillofacial Surgeon (whatever the world that means) on Thursday, just as I said I would. Sat in the waiting room, filled out all the forms for a new patient. Then went back and was told that they needed X-Rays. Which was a problem. My insurance policy, like most, only pays for x-rays every two years. And I had a set taken back in November when I started seeing my new dentist. So I told the assistant that there wasn't any way I could afford to get more done. I had no idea how much it would cost, but I knew that I couldn't afford it. I told her that my dentist had promised to send them, so she went to check. Sure enough, there in my folder was a note that said they would be mailed...and they weren't there. Ugh. So, after screwing up my courage for days and hours, I had to reschedule the appointment. I tried calling my dentist, but got no answer. And since they're closed on Fridays, I won't get any info from them til Monday. And maybe it was cowardly of me, but I rescheduled my trip for after we get back from Amsterdam/Paris. No way did I want to have a sore mouth while I'm gallivanting around Europe. :) And to deal with the stress, I stopped at the liquor store on the way home. This weekend, we have StepSon, and he's in a play at school next weekend. This means that we're basically spending the weekend taking him to and from play practice, which is 30 minutes away. He didn't get done til 9 PM on Friday, had to be there from 10-5 today, and has to be back at 1 PM tomorrow. The boys just got home with pizza, so I'm off to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow while we eat. I know nothing about it and StepSon assures me it's a GREAT movie...but since his taste runs to Anchorman and Dodgeball...I'm a little worried. :)

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