Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just a Junkie

I’m an NPR junkie. I have an hour commute to work, whichgives me two solid hours a day of my favorite NPR shows.  There are two main stations that I can pickup in Birmingham, and luckily theyeach have a counterpart in Montgomery– which means that if I begin to lose the north signal in the beginning of astory, I can always switch to the Montgomerystation to hear it. Ten years ago I would have thought I’d be dead beforesaying this: I only listen to music about 15% of the time that I’m in my carthese days. And when I do, I usually have a CD in.

So I’m an NPR junkie. And I’m proud of it. Which is why Igot very excited today to see that they’ve started their very own blog – Mixed Signals.Considering the way so many of their programs and affiliate stations have jumpedon the Podcast bandwagon, I’m surprised that more of their programs haven’tstarted their own blogs.  For somethinglike All Things Considered or Morning Edition, a blog just seems to be a naturalcounterpart. But then,  I’m also a blogjunkie. So maybe it’s a good thing that NPR doesn’t have a blog for every show….causethen I’d be an NPR Blog Junkie. And that might require rehab.



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Annalee Blysse said...

I like NPR... I sent them a note that it was eBook week. Don't listen to the radio enough. But I try to catch up on their archives online from time to time.