Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Whacky Stories of the Day

#1. From Reuters:
Anti-terrorism detectives escorted a man from a plane after a taxidriver had earlier become suspicious when he started singing along to a track by punk band The Clash, police said on Wednesday.
Detectives halted the London-bound flight at Durham Tees Valley Airport and Harraj Mann, 24, was taken off.

#2. From NPR's blog, Mixed Signals:
Apparently the new director of national intelligence, John Negroponte, has hired more than 700 people to work under him. (Way to cut through the bureaucracy, buddy.) Among the positions he's created: the principal assistant deputy director of national intelligence for customer outcomes. Take that al-Qaida!

#3 From Shakespeare's Sister  - you should really go read the whole thing on her blog; this is just the beginning of it:
Bush: Death Preferable to Non-Procreative Sex
That’s the only logical conclusion. When criminalized abortion is preferable to safe and legal abortions, when abstinence education is advocated in favor of comprehensive sex ed even in the face of evidencethat kids who go through abstinence courses are more likely to have unsafe sex, when a vaccine against an STD that causes cervical cancer is squashed because eliminating the threat would “encourage casual sex,” when a possible HIV prevention pill is criticized for the same reason, there is no other conclusion other than conservatives would rather see you dead than having recreational sex. Period.
And now, to add to the mounting evidence, this: Bush’s AIDS prevention plan is eroding prevention efforts—including mother-to-child transmissions—because it requires such a large percentage of the funding to go to abstinence and fidelity promotion.

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