Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Anniversary Party

Did you know that there's an anniversary party on this day every year for Yuri Gagarin?
Do you know who Yuri Gagarin was?

Ok, to be technical, the Anniversary thing isn't just for Yuri - even though it's called Yuri's Night. It's also for the flight of the first space shuttle.
But who is this Yuri, and why are thousands of people worldwide celebrating him?Yuri’s Night is the global celebration of human space travel, held annually on April 12. Yuri’s Night commemorates both the historic first flight of Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin on April 12, 1961, as well as the launch of the first Space Shuttle (STS-1) exactly 20 years later. This year we’re celebrating the 45th anniversary of Yuri’s flight and the 25th anniversary of STS-1, so we expect the highest turnout ever!
With Yuri’s Night consisting of dance parties, educational events and even casual get-togethers, the range of Yuri’s Night events is as diverse as the people that host them. Whether in someone’s living room, a swinging nightclub or a world-class science museum, Yuri’s Night events all have one thing in common - people who are excited about the past, present and future of space travel and want to have a great time celebrating it.
Ready to party? Maybe one day I'll do something worthy of a worldwide party.....

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