Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Blahs

I am more than ready for it to be the weekend. I want to sleep late, and stay up late, and loaf around, and read some books, and cook...and basically just NOT work. At the moment, I'm having problems keeping my eyes open, so that actually kind of sounds a little too ambitious for a mere two days...but I'm sure I'll get some of it done. I swore I'd go to bed before 10 last night - I wanted 8 solid hours of sleep. But what happened? Hubby and I sat outside talking, because it was a beautiful clear night with a full (or nearly) moon. Two bottles of wine later it was 10:30. So now, all I want to do is take a nap for the second half of my lunch break. But they're having a baby shower in the lounge, so I'll just drink more caffeine. You'd think after 5 cups of coffe and a couple of Diet Mountain Dews I'd be bouncing off the walls, but apparently I need more....

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