Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Geeky find of the day

Ok, well, it's just a concept...but it still looks pretty cool.
from Sci Fi Tech:
From the wish-I'd-thought-of-that department: the Flashbag. Designed by DimaKomissarov, it's a standard USB flash drive that has a tiny pump in it that inflates when you load it with data. So if your drive is full of stuff, it blows up like a balloon, but if it's empty it remains flat and rectangular. It'll stay inflated even when powered down, so you'll be able to estimate how many more MP3s you can leech from your friend's computer just by taking a gander. Unfortunately, the Flashbag is merely a concept design and there are no plans at this time for it to be manufactured or sold. We hope some brave company will decide to start making them soon, for if there's anything the world needs, it's more bizarre USB devices.
Hmmm... cool except that it would block the other USB port on my PC.And I have a co-worker that wonders "what would happen if you were in acar wreck." I'll let you wonder whether they believed the person whotold them "You'd just have data all over you."


wthenrest said...

This is very cool...kind of hard to carry around when it is all puffed up

Goeve said...

"You'd just have data all over you." Very witty. Hope you don't mind my stopping by. Found you by way of Lynn Daniels _ Jolt Reality