Monday, April 24, 2006

Good Thing or Bad, you decide

I can't really make up my mind about this one.
A new big-screen movie, apparently featuring the early adventures of Trek forefathers James T. Kirk and Spock, and boasting the handiwork of Lost creator J.J. Abrams, is being primed for a 2008 release.
Side 1 of My Brain: Holy crap! A young Spock? A young Kirk! They'll pick some hot actors, and it'll be like a Geek reunion meets Playgirl models! I'd better have a tissue handy to wipe the drool!
Side 2: Star Trek movies are so lame about 50% of the time, they are going to mess this up and I will never forgive them.
Side 1: But it's been so long since there's been good new Trek material! Surely this guy will get it right!
Side 2: But it's been so long since there's been good new Trek Material, only Gene Roddenberry can get it right, and I doubt he's coming back from the Great Beyond to help this one out.

For those keeping score at home, or scrolling through Eckert's chronology, the new movie should take place sometime between the early 2230s, when Spock and Kirk are born, and 2262, when the two become bridge mates aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise (and when the stories of the original Trek series begin).
Side 1: Ahhh...back when they were young! {gulp, drool} And the Enterprise was new! {drool, gulp}
Side 2: Umm...yeah, about the Enterprise....
Side 1: I bet they have some really cool toys.
Side 2: Right now, in the 21st century, we are more technologically advanced than the original series. But a prequel can't be more advanced than the original. Work that out, wonderbrain.
Side 1: Sorry, I just found the link for Eckert's chronology that was mentioned in that last quote. I'll get back to you.
Side 2: Geek.

So what do you think? Good or bad? I know I'll see it... but it might be because I hope it'll be good, knowing that I'm bound to be disappointed. I'm afraid it'll be bad. And with the way the movie industry works these days, who knows if it'll even get made.

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red headed stepchild said...

Well...that's the first I've heard of it! I have to agree with both your sides. It has the potential to be great, especially if they cast it correctly with hot, yummy men!! But here come the doubts. 1)While I have loved and adored J.J. Abrams for my fave show Alias , I am currently not a huge fan of his because he diverted his attention to stupid Lost and Alias has suffered for it. 2)Have we learned nothing from Star Trek: Enterprise ? Prequels don't seem to work! 3)The whole franchise has been in ratings slumps for the past few years, and the last movie (which I loved) didn't exactly make huge box office waves.
However, that being said, since wonderful networks (G4 & Spike) have started airing ST:TNG and now the original ST (on G4), I think there may be a newfound interest in the franchise again. Maybe it is time for them to strike again. Maybe this one will be great.
But that doesn't change the fact that you are a geek :-)