Saturday, June 30, 2012

Great Things About My Life

1.) I have air conditioning.
Dear Baby Jesus, it is hot. The heat index got up to 110 today.Right now it's 10:30 PM and the heat index is still 95. The iced rum and coke {zero} make this much more tolerable.

2.) I have the most awesome lawyer ever.
The Professor & I met with our "lawyer" today to get our wills, powers of attorney and health directives set up. "Lawyer" is in  quotes because:
a) we pay him in bottles of Jamesons Irish Whiskey;
b) his wife feeds us lunch afterwards;
c) we have done the above at his house and then all go for a 2 hour swim together.
Seriously - is your lawyer that awesome???

3) We had dinner with The Beloved Stepson tonight.
In all seriousness, watching this boy young man grow up has been incredible. Having intelligent conversation with him rocks my world, because he's so freaking smart and intelligent.  The fact that he actually listens to what I say (I guess, to be fair, and I to him) - instead of rolling his eyes the second I open my mouth - really introduces a feeling I can't describe. Not that we agree on everything, it's just that we can have a conversation with different opinions that is still respectful and insightful, and yet doesn't devolve into "FINE!" and a stomping off and door slamming. I will never miss hearing "FINE!" in that Tone of Voice.*

4) The Professor & I finished our Saturday evening by going to Whole Foods and buying 12 bottles of wine. Life will be good for the next few days it seems.

*I may in 20 years or so say that I miss hearing "FINE!" in that tone of voice. I promise you, it will be the dementia speaking.

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