Monday, April 25, 2011

2011: The Year I will break every limit of wine consumption I have ever set

So there's been a small-to-middling amount of craziness at work this year. I got yet another new boss. I've been in this job for three years and I've had three bosses; I'm beginning to be glad I keep saying "no" to the possibility of a promotion. Totally unrelated: The most insane contracting processes in the world must be run by the US Air Force, meaning: I've worked for the government for 6 years, and I thought I knew what kind of paperwork comes with the job. I have rarely in my life been so wrong as I was in my perspective on government paperwork. Bonus points! We're starting a building renovation. This will make things much calmer. Especially that part where they take a third of our collection and put it in another building. Although, in the base's favor: They did add a Taco Bell Express to the food court. That makes me much, much happier than it should. And then ... For some reason, I decided to do the annual reviews for my six employees on a Monday (?!? Graduate degrees do not prove intelligence). And I learned a few things. Education is good! Right? I learned 1 of them needs slow down to half-time for about 12 weeks over the rest of the year. I learned 1 of them is getting her Master's degree in 4 months and will be getting another job (Education! It's Good for you!). I learned 2 of them are retiring in the next 6 months, possibly within days of each other - probably within days of Ms. Graduate getting her shiny new position. I came out of the review room and thought "Well, I've got a few things to learn this year..." So...Yay for Education? I like my job, and as job's go, it's really not stressful. I always tell my team "we're buying books, not saving lives" when they get over-stressed about things. I think it's time I printed that on a wine glass, so that each time I take a swig genteel sip, I'll be reminded of my own advice. My advice for you? Buy stock in Rex Goliath.