Monday, February 25, 2008

Signs that I am Not Well

  1. I stayed home sick today and didn't turn my laptop on until 4 PM.
  2. It only stayed on for about 7 minutes.
  3. It took me 4 more hours to turn my laptop back on. As of 8:32, that makes less than 45 minutes I've spent online today. The world may end tomorrow.
  4. I have only eaten one piece of toast today. It took me 4 hours, but damn it, The Professor was sweet enough to make it for me, so I was sweet enough to eat it.
  5. I'm not even remotely excited about the thunderstorms coming through later tonight. Instead, I'm dreading the fact that if I get to sleep, the weather will wake me up.
  6. The thought of a glass of wine turns my stomach.
Ok, I'm going to go take some pity pills. But I swear, if The Professor offers me Tums one more time - somehow thinking that will help diarhea and a fever - I... I....I'll.... Damn it, we have #7: I can't even find the ability to make creative threats!