Sunday, June 08, 2008


That one day the front page of Google News will look like this. Title and link shamelessly stolen from Karen.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Meet Ernestina

As the husband and I were literally walking out the door for our vacation a couple of weeks ago, I happened to glance up just outside the door -and spied a birds nest underneath the overhang off our front door. That explained the fact that a bird had been swooping around for the past few days every time I opened the door. And since we were leaving on our Great Canadian Adventure, I did nothing about it. This is what I found Saturday morning: And this morning, I opened the door very slowly and peaked out my head, and the little bird that's been swooping around just sat on her throne and looked at me while I snapped a picture. Meet Ernestina: If I move the nest, the little bird might abandon her eggs, so there they all stay. I can't help but think she might get a wee more annoyed when the eggs hatch and I have three pooping baby birds up there. I assume you noticed the brown streak behind the nest? I'm going to try to convince The Professor that we'll need to use the back door when the babies are born so the poor mother doesn't have a heart attack. Because I refuse to regurgitate worms for the little babies just so they don't starve.