Saturday, June 02, 2012

All By Myself

The Professor's gone to do his summer duty of grading AP exams (it's good money, but dear sweet baby kittens, the boredom of grading papers in Missouri for a week cannot even be exaggerated) and so I have a weekend alone to stew in my own juices.

That sounded a lot better in my head. Now I feel like a pile of strawberries in sugar.

ANYway, I have a Saturday ahead of me with absolutely no plans. The only thing on my to do list is "clean litter box", which isn't the most fun chore I can think of but at least it's not exactly time consuming. I have it in my mind to sit on the couch and watch Star Trek on Netflix all day. Because I know how to rock this house.

Update: Saturday morning:
Hey! I forgot to hit publish. You know what happens when you don't hit the "publish" button? Your blog post stays locked in Blogger and no one sees it.

I'm paying a large chunk of my income to the government in the form of student loans because they put me through 2 degrees and 9 years of 2 Universities. Yet I still forget how blogs work after the ... *cough*, well, let's not get caught up in how many glasses of wine I had last night, let's just say "after the last glass of wine".

9 AM: The litter box is cleaned.  Also, the cats completely agree with the Saturday Couch Plan.

11:30 AM: The Hallmark Channel is running a marathon of The Waltons,which may be dangerous to my tear ducts. At this point, to get off of my couch would be an insult to the universe.

11:50 PM: Holy Slothfulness, there's a Little House on the Prairie marathon tomorrow. I may be dehydrated by Monday.

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smdrm said...

Hope you enjoyed your marathon weekend. Take advantage of your "me" time, and then you'll be more thena ready for "we" time.