Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Weekend

Did I mention the in-laws are coming in town this weekend? They arrive Friday afternoon, and are planning on leaving Tuesday to go to Florida for a couple of months. Part of me is very excited about the trip - My father-in-law (Rocco) is bringing a supply of wine (as in an entire case) to us, not to mention the added bonus of his new home-brewed liquor (more on that after I get to taste the stuff. Well, more on that if I survive). He's also a great story teller, and has some doozies from the 5 years he lived in Italy. I love to cook for people, and now I have two more people to show off for this weekend. And as for my Mother-in-law Marie.... I still have hope that one day in the future, she will realize what a wonderful person that I am, that her son really does love me, and that (amazingly) even her first-born most precious grandchild (my step-son) can tolerate me as well as any 14 year old tolerates any kind of adult sharing his living space. One day soon, she'll wake up and just know that I am not evil, that I have sterling silver qualities and a heart of gold and she was foolish to ever doubt that. Ahem. Now that the vanity trip is over.... This weekend also has the potential to be horrible, long and an exercise of holding my tongue. Marie's usually very polite, but every once in a while lets something slip that would be hilarious if I were living a sit-com. They want to take over my kitchen and cook. Well, Rocco wants to teach me how to cook this pasta that their family makes, and the correct sauce to go with it. I'm sure that will be fun, cause I love to cook new stuff and I'm sure that his version of cooking involves lots of wine. Both in our glasses and in the food. Marie wants to make bean soup. Which would be really yummy if anyone in our family liked bean soup. But, alas, we don't. And she wants to do it in my kitchen. Monday night, I'll be at work - but Hubby told me not to worry, his mom could take care of dinner. I know I have problems when it comes to the kitchen area. So I'm a little territorial. That's probably my favorite room in the house - especially since I now have a laptop that comes in there with me. But I should probably loosen up. It's not like I have expensive pots and pans, or lots of and silver tea sets. Our dishes came in box from Wal-mart, complete with silverware, glasses and napkin rings, and cost about $30. So I'm being melodramatic here and now, with the hopes that I'll prove myself wrong and end up having such a wonderful time that I'll beg them to stay for a couple of extra days. I'm sure you'll hear all about it next week.

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Karen said...

Can't wait to hear more.
Maybe the weekend will give you many opportunities to do - this!
And - you've been tagged, to commit a Random Act of Kindness. Pass it on!