Saturday, January 07, 2006

French Toast and Bacon

Last night I asked StepSon if he wanted to join us for breakfast in the morning, cause I was planning on cooking French Toast and Bacon. I was really surprised when he seemed to get excited. He hates whole grain bread - and that's the only kind I buy - so I didn't think he'd be excited about french toast. Although maybe if he can put maple syrup on something, he'll eat it. While I contemplated telling him that it would be whole grain bread, with blackberries on top instead of syrup, and turkey bacon instead of the real thing (not to mention I only use egg whites with 1 yolk in french toast...)....he ran to the freezer, still unexplainably excited. "I don't know how you hid it from me..." he muttered under his breath, pushing various packages of frozen vegetables, frozen berries, and other nutritious things out of his way. "I look in the freezer every time I come over, just in case you've slipped up..." I looked at Hubby, raising an eyebrow. (Well, if I were capable of raising only one, I would have. I can't, but I always think of it that way in my head - it just sounds better). Hubby had no clue what StepSon was searching for either. Finally, he gave up in the freezer and came back over. "Where's the French Toast?" Now I was really confused. "I haven't made it yet, cause it's for breakfast in the morning." Now he was looking very suspiciously at me. "you're going to make it?" He raised an eyebrow (and darn it, he can only raise one at a time) And then I realized what he was looking for - French Toast Sticks. Like those sugar coated deep-fried things they serve at Shoney's on the breakfast bar. I saw myself losing cool points. Again. I lost even more when I explained that no, I was making real french toast (or the American equivalent, because I don't have any French bread, so I was only making semi-real French Toast as opposed to authentic French Toast). With blackberries, but if he wanted he could put some syrup on them. He listened, looking disappointed. I hate it when he's disappointed, but not enough to feed him concentrated doses of sugar. I lost any points I had left with his final question "But you're gonna have real bacon, right?"

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Karen said...

Next time offer him a bowl of syrup with a side of butter.
You'll be so cool!