Saturday, January 21, 2006

Lulu Titlescorer

How to waste at least 30 minutes: I Found a fun little tool through Amy at Reading, Writing and Absolutely No Arithmetic yesterday. Go play with it, and see how marketable your titles are. Out of the 4 that were dancing around in my head at the time, only 1 was more than 45%. And all four of them were books that I've bought. One of them was a best-seller that scored very low. The thing about titles: 99% of them sound stupid when you just say them out loud. Especially, for some reason, romance titles. A book like "The Secret Life of Bees" - you hear that title and can almost immediately see the levels to it. A title like you'll find on quite a few Silhouette Desires' - well, half the time I hear these titles and mentally role my eyes. Sometimes, I literally role my eyes. So, how can a title-scorer possibly work? It's all based on what parts of speech you use. Try putting in the information without actually typing in the title - you'll get the exact same results. But one action verb isn't just as good as another, and one concrete noun isn't equal to another. But you know what? I still spent time playing with it.

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