Monday, January 09, 2006

Google, at it again

We all know that if one could be in love with a company, I would be in love with Google. Well, here they go again. They've been busy putting together a package of software - all freeware - that can be used as a one stop shopping place to get all the essential programs for your computer. FireFox, Adobe, a spyware program. Google Pack lets you choose which ones you want, then download them all at once. Ok, so just when I'm thinking this won't really this won't really help me, because I already have all that on my laptop and my PC.... I find out that along with it, they came up with Google Updater . From the Google Blog :
We worked with a number of technology companies to identify products that are the best of their type to create this suite. (We didn't pay them, and they aren't paying us.) For PC users running Windows XP, it downloads in minutes and installs in just a few clicks. There's only one license agreement - and no wizards. And there's a new tool called the Google Updater that keeps all the software in the Google Pack current. Even if you already have some of the software in the Pack, you can use the Google Updater to update and manage it.
How great is this? And why do I always find the fun stuff while I'm at work and can't play with it? /sigh Oh, and as if all this fun wasn't enough for me, they threw a bonus - the Google Pack Screensaver , which is an easy way to use your photos as your screensaver. I think I'm in falling in love all over again.


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