Monday, January 02, 2006

Holidays have said goodbye

Took the tree down today. It must be a family thing, cause both of my sisters did too. I used to be a fanatic about leaving the tree up til January 6th - the twelve days of Christmas, and all - but the tree was definitely dead and ready for me to say goodbye. Looking at a half dead tree for a couple of weeks is ok, when Christmas hasn't gotten here yet. Looking at a half dead tree a week after Christmas is just sad. Not even Charlie-Brown-Christmas-Tree sad. Just...ick. Tomorrow it's back to work, and life is back to its normal state...whatever that may be. So yesterday I started a whole 'be-healthy, eat-healthy, damn-it-I'm-a-healthy-person' routine. This morning I weighed three pounds more than I did yesterday morning. This is NOT going to be easy. I'm refusing to get back on the scale til I fit in a size smaller jeans.

1 comment:

Karen said...

You're healthy! You're healthy! And maybe the dryer shrank your jeans.
Yeah, that's it.
Good luck sis ;)