Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Blog Heaven

For some reason, my blog decided to go haywire on me. I made a post on Sunday, it looked great, go me.

Then Monday, I went to look at it and fiddle with the template some more (I did promise that I wasn't finished)....and there was nothing there. Just the name of my blog and my new pretty background. With the messed up text field.

I go to fix it tonight - or to try and figure out what's wrong, at least - and Blogger's down for maintenance. From 4 - 4:30 PST. It is now 5:24 PST and they're still not up and running. By the time they are, I probably will have consumed too much wine to be able to wade my way through the CSS and figure out what the hell happened in the first place.
So I decided to try Performancing for Firefox. I had sent some info on it to my sis a couple of weeks ago when I first heard about it - hoping she would try it out with her vast amounts of spare time (and it worked, she did - not that she really has vast amounts of spare time). She loved it, but I never got around to downloading it.
Well now I have. If this post comes through, it's only because Performancing got it there.


Karen said...

/pours you a glass of wine.

All better?

And really... we come here to read your wisdom, not because of the oh-so-cool template you use. That's just a bonus :)

Debbie said...

Wisdom? no pressure, huh?

and yes, wine makes all better.