Wednesday, January 18, 2006

A couple of months ago, I noticed a billboard on the interstate for Vizzini Winery - a winery at my exit. This particular exit has a few gas stations, a bank and a car dealership. The restaurant closed, and has been empty. There's also a small airport, but that's it. For two months, I've looked for signs at the exit itself, telling me which way to go. I've driven down a couple of roads trying to find the place. After all, if there's a winery only 2 miles from my house, I want to know where it is! Finally, on Monday, I found it. They've just put up a sign on their driveway, and you can't see the building very well from the road. Hubby and I went with a couple of friends, and I am in love with the place. Now, I know what you're thinking. An Alabama Winery? I can hear the laughter already. Before we went, I assumed they were talking about Muscadine Wine, that beverage that is so sweet it makes cough syrup seem good. Boy, was I wrong. At the moment, the Vizzini Winery makes about 6 or 7 wines, from white zinfandel to Cabernet Sauvignon. They did a tasting for the four of us, and we sampled all of them - along with a couple of cheeses that they brought for us. After the tasting, we went into the back and spent about 45 minutes on a tour of the facilities (which sounds fancy, but it's all in one room). Mr. Vizzini is a wonderful guide, and obviously passionate about making wine. After the tour, we went out to look through the foods they have for sale. I had to hold myself back - they had an entire display of cheeses, along with a small display of jars of goodies. The dessert case included tiramisu (had to hold myself back again) and a few other heavenly looking things. Since we had just eaten, I refrained from ordering anything. There was also a display of breads - home baked goodies that made my mouth water. We didn't eat anything from the [very small] menu, but we're planning on going back soon. We got a bottle or two of wine, of course. My hubby really likes their Cabernet - but I'm holding out for their first Pinot Noir, which should be ready at the end of the month.


smdrm said...

who would have thought?? Right in your own to speak. Sounds like a very hospitable place, full of temptations.

Karen said...

Ohh. I feel a road trip coming on.

How big is their output? Where do they sell?

Debbie said...

Road Trip - hell yeah. Did I mention that Alabama has several wineries? We could meet at the one in Perdido on the coast and travel up this way.

Not a huge output yet - they've only been open two months; and they only sell at their winery. It's illegal in Alabama to have wine shipped to you.