Friday, July 27, 2012

Good Grief Jesus Jones

I got a request via email to provide a list of titles and money spent in a certain area. I whipped up a spreadsheet, clickety-clacked the information into it, tied it all together with a few well-placed and nicely-formed formulas and clicked on "email", feeling like I had earned that hour's income.

A minute later, the email was returned to me because the recipient's email inbox was full.

So I called him and let him know that I had the info waiting for him.

Me : But I can't send it because your inbox is full. Should I print it up for you?
Him: No, I don't know what's wrong with my email. I cleaned it out yesterday when this happened.
Me: Are you storing it on the email server or on your computer? If you store it on your computer, you won't really have a limit. A lot of people forgot to make the switch when our email changed last month.
Him: That's it! Do you remember how to do that?
[Please note that I'm feeling pretty gosh-darn smart right about now]
Me: Sure. I've got a document with screenshots to walk you through it. I'll email it to you.
Him: Umm...

Thank God It's Friday, indeed.

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NGS said...

Ha ha! I recently had to get the license plates changed in our car and the DMV guy and I had a similar exchange.

Him: You'll need to get your driver's license changed to this state before we can issue you plates here.
Me: Here's my driver's license (from another state).