Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Morning Reading

This morning, I have the November 2005 issue of Soldiers magazine sitting in front of me. This is not nearly as bad as it sounds. In fact, compared to some of the other things I "get" to slog through in my daily readings, this is a cause for celebration. Still, I took a nice long pull on my coffee thermos before I opened the cover. And then ... the first story had me captivated. It's not long - four pages, with quite a few pictures. It's about a man that that the US Army freed from a prison camp in Germany in 1945 who came to the US, joined the Army, went to Korea - and then got captured by the Chinese and put in another camp. But more importantly - it's about how he survived and how he helped the people around him survive. This story really touched me. It's full of the best parts of ANY story - courage, hope and endurance. This one man made a difference in the lives so many people. It's...humbling. Link to text only of the story : http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0OXU/is_11_60/ai_n16029217 Link to the pdf of the entire magazine - the story is on the sixth page (which is really page 4, but let's not get too technical): http://www.army.mil/publications/soldiersmagazine/pdfs/Nov%20Soldiers%20small.pdf

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