Wednesday, March 14, 2007

In Which I Have a Mind-Boggling Thought

I'm sitting in a MS Access class, dutifully following instructions while my mind thinks about the fact that I'm leaving in TWO days. I'm compiling lists of important information (which shirts make me look the thinnest) and working through some pretty weighty questions (Can I live without two different types of boots for a week?) and trying to think about what I'll have to leave out of my Carry-on bag (which will be most of my make-up, so London BE WARNED that when I get off the plane I will not be the nasty, homicidal crazed female out for blood and human sacrifice that I may look like). When all of a sudden my mind goes back to the ban on liquids for carry-on bags, and a entirely new implication sets in....


Those terrorists have a lot to answer for. They have now infringed on my right as an American to go to foreign countries and buy cheap alcohol.

But then I think - surely, this country is so great and wonderful that they've taken into account the fact that there are millions of us who have needs. Needs that include buying large bottles of cheap liquor half-way around the world and then bringing them home to share with anyone who stops by close friends and family.

So I go to the TSA website - which was on my list of things to study tonight - and now I know. The TSA loves me. Or maybe my husband bribed them to allow liquor temporarily so that he didn't have to deal with 12 hours of traveling with a woman who had been denied her half-price vodka and Bailey's. Or maybe the TSA didn't want to deal with the rest of the country when they came back from travelling empty-handed. It doesn't really matter, because I can do all the duty-free shopping I want.

London, here I come.

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