Tuesday, March 27, 2007

DayQuil has a NEW FORMULA!; or, why I've forgotten how to form a coherent thought.

So apparently, thanks to the heartless meth-makers who buy wonderdrugs and turnthem into illegals, DayQuil had to change its formula. I didn't realize this until I had downed half a bottle, waiting for that miraculous feeling of being able to breathe again. Instead, I'm in a curious state of disconnect. And then I looked at the bottle, to the large yellow print on a black background that says "NEW FORUMLA! with phenylephrine." The fact that the makers of this phenylephrine product went from all caps to extremely small print so quickly clued me in to the fact that "NEW FORUMLA!" is the exciting part. The new ingredient? Not so much. Because the new ingredient DOESN'T HELP ME BREATHE. I kind of like the wavy outlines around everything that I look at, but that could be caused from lack of oxygen as much as to the NEW FORUMLA! that I'm using. At least the night time version still knocks me out for a few hours.

Oh - and I'm saying DayQuil, but to be honest, it's the CVS "Non-Drowsy Day-Time Multi-Sympton Cold/Flu Relief". DayQuil is easier to say when you can only feel half of your tongue, though. I wonder if that's due to the phenylephrine?

And if you're wondering if I'm happy about this NEW FORMULA! - that I wasn't even consulted about - the answer is NO!

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