Thursday, March 01, 2007

I *Heart* Weather

We've got some nasty storms coming through today. And I have to stay at work; I don't want to use any of my precious leave time to go home and glue myself in front of my TV and watch my favorite meteoroligist save Alabama, one tornado at a time. I have to stay at work. WORKING. The weather blog I watch has gone down twice this morning, which cuts me off from my favorite source of wind reports. Dang it, I need to know when the windspeed over a county 200 miles away increases! This could mean something! What? I'm supposed to rely on the weather people on BASE to give me fast and accurate information? I'm not allowed to go dance in the wind? I have to stay INSIDE? I need to see the little flashing circles on my TV screen telling me what's going on and where! What is this, Prison? What if my husband doesn't take all the right stuff into the laundry room with him? What if he leaves my laptop on the dining room table and it gets sucked out of a window and winds up in Bermuda and someone finds those incriminating pictures of me buried in there? WHAT THEN? Oh, and to my co-workers: Fascination does not equal fear. It equals fanaticism. Go pop another one of your pills that you refuse to share, let me watch the sky, and we'll all be happy.

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