Thursday, March 08, 2007

I'm not as unique as my mom - or how to waste time at work

Karen at Verbatim linked to this total time-sucker of a site: How Many of Me. And because the two issues "Naval Forces" that are staring at me screaming "I'm next! I'm next!" convinced me that I hadn't had enough coffee to be that bored yet, I clicked on it. Then I spent 15 minutes looking up the names of just about everyone I know. Did you know that {According the website}: Only 25 people in the US have my name? That's pretty good odds that I won't be running into someone with my name anytime soon. And no, the character from that sitcom does not count. She spelled her first name wrong anyway. My maiden name is much more common - I'd be sharing my name with 363 people if I still went by it. My husband is considerably more common and shares his name with 158 people, while Stepson will be glad to know that he is NOT unique because 124 people answer to his name. Sisters: oldest is one of 1,114 and this one is one of 350. Brothers: my oldest younger brother (I used to just call him the brat, but I'm trying to mend my ways) is one of 1,741 and the baby bro is the most common of all of us: 1,941. My dad surprised me - if you use his full first name he's in a crowd of 184 (I didn't expect that many); put in the nickname that he goes by and he's one of 4. My mom trumps us all. She is (apparently) THE ONLY PERSON IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY WITH HER NAME. Mom, there's so many jokes to be told about how special that makes you. I'll just say that we've always known you were one-of-a-kind.

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