Thursday, March 29, 2007

I have too much free time when my boss doesn't come to work

I don't have an iPod. And my MP3 player has so little memory, that I usually just put about 3 or 4 podcasts on it and keep it in my car for times like this week when I get tired of listening to NPR's pledge drive (since I've already paid, I don't want to listen to them begging for more money). I've been wanting an iPod for a long time...and driving around with my uncle last summer as he called up some of the 123,956,128,372+ songs that I'm sure he has stored (and I think that number is probably too low, knowing my uncle) gave me a bad case of... well I'd use the word lust, but that's just wrong in a sentence with the phrase "my uncle" in it. (which I just did anyway, but at least it was broken by an ellipsis.) So I'd like to announce to my entire family, that since I'm the baby girl, the next iPod my mother wins comes to me. I think she's already won two, and it's been over a year since the last one, so she's due for another one any day. ANYWAY Apple announced today that if you've bought a single from an album, and then later you decide you want the entire album, you'll get credit towards the whole price of the album from the single you bought. I could probably make that more confusing if I thought hard enough. I don't want to think that hard though, so here's something in the USA Today about it. Completely unrelated: Dodge is having one of the coolest contests ever. Write a 250 word essay about why your commute is horrible, and how a 2008 Dodge Avenger could make it better. The winner not only gets - surprise! - a 2008 Dodge Avenger, but ALSO a trip to LA (with a guest) for two days where you'll watch a replication of your current car get demolished. What's all this fun for? National Stress Awareness Day. I love it. Even more not related: I've given in and signed up for a two week free trial of Netflix. I don't know why, since I get ALL of the HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and Stars (or maybe it's Encore) channels. PLUS their "OnDemand" counterparts. I hate to sound like a whining 15 year old , but there's NEVER a movie that I want to see that's on any of it! (Actually, the 15 year old's complaint is that he's seen everything already). So I went and looked around and got sucked in. I'm going to do the $10/month-only-get-one-movie-at-a-time deal, since I don't think I'll ever need to have 3 movies in my hands at one time, and I've heard the turn around times are incredibly quick. So we'll see. And my boss told me that if I want to cancel, I should do it right before my free trial ends, because they'll extend your free trial for two weeks to try and get you to stay. That seems too sneaky for me...but we'll see how much I get addicted.

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Karen said...

That whole Netflix thing? I realized after about 3 days that the problem isn't HBO, it's Hollywood. They just aren't making movies I want to see.

Or, maybe it's me. Ok, probably it's me.

I only watched one of the movies I got during the 10 day trial >G<