Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Life has been amazingly full lately. It seems like one day I was lounging around on my couch, looking for things to get me in trouble keep me occupied, and the next I couldn't take a deep breath. I am not complaining. I like to stay busy - mostly because it makes me appreciate the down time even more when I get the time.  My classic 'me' time is the first week of June when Hubby heads to the hinterlands of Nebraska for 7 nights. I get lots of 'me' time then - keeping my fingers within  12 inches of a keyboard at all times, playing Barry Manilow CDs at top volume while I cook, watching musicals for hours on end and singing along with every part I can (even if I can't reach all the notes anymore). But in the meantime,  it's still May - so I'm keeping busy.

A couple of weeks ago, Hubby and I went to a great presentation up at UAB called Evolution vs. Creationism. The talk was given by Eugenie Scott (does her picture remind anyone else of the character that Brent Spiner played in Independence Day?) who gave tons of information - historical  context, arguments made by both sides of the issue, and legal cases that have been fought over the teaching of evolution in the classroom.  We went with a friend from down the street and had tons of fodder for conversation on the way home. Unfortunately, we didn't get home until almost 11 PM - which made the second night in a row that it was close to midnight when I went to sleep (since I work on Monday nights) and also made me useless for the first two hours of work the next morning.

This past weekend, a friend from grade school came in town from Nashville. We spent hours playing cards, watching movies - and of course, I took her to visit my favorite new local hangout, the Vizzini Winery. By the time we got home we were so full on cheese and wine that I was too tired to cook the amazing pasta dish I had planned, so we did that Sunday. And may I just say.....
I think I have discovered my absolute favorite pasta sauce of all time. It's a tomato sauce with ricotta cheese melted into it.
Ok, I'm back. I lost myself in my memories of the most perfect sauce ever (Sorry, sis. I know your devotion to a good piece of bread soaked in some tomato sauce. But plain ole red sauce will never be the same for me now.)

Where was I?

This week is pretty normal - meaning I'll be home two nights, Tuesday and Thursday, and one of them will be spent doing a Wal-mart run and then having Mexican and Margaritas - if I play my cards right with my husband and bat my eyes a couple of times. Friday the parental units and the baby brother arrive (I can still call him that, cause he's hundreds of miles away) and the family - 17 of us - are going to a Birmingham Barons ball game. Unless it rains - which it probably will, if you read the forecasts - and then we're going to have about 8 very disappointed youngsters on our hands. I hope the various parents are planning ahead for that....oh crap. That probably means me too.
Baby Bro'll be with me all weekend, as will StepSon. Saturday night is dinner at the other sister's, then Sunday will be....lots of church. It's 1st Communion for my niece, and I just found out that it's 1st Communion at my church too. My church splits the kids up between about 5 masses, so that no one mass lasts too long. Since Sunday School is out for the summer, 1st Communion Mass is pretty much the same length as any other one. My niece's church, though - they do a 3 hour extravaganza in the middle of the afternoon. Every time I go, I swear that I won't go again. I'm sure I'll have lots to say about it next week. :)
Monday morning I'll have breakfast with the family...then on to work in the afternoon. Tuesday night, Hubby's friend from grade school is coming to visit for a night on his way from Florida to North Carolina, so I know we'll be up late. I've had the brains and the foresight to take a few hours off work the next morning. :)

And that's as far ahead as I'm looking. I'll be making a couple of desserts this weekend - one is Key Lime Pie, which I've never made before. I'm trying to decide if I want to do a recipe that calls for condensed milk or one that uses cream cheese, but I'm leaning towards the condensed milk since it's the more 'traditional' version. If they turn out well, I'll be sure to brag about it here!


Karen said...

Ha. Those are terrible excuses.
(Runs and hides.)

Ali has done red sauce with ricotta melted into it. Makes a great dipping sauce! We've devoured several loaves of bread that way. She hasn't made it in a while... maybe one weekend the end of this month I can have someone show me how that's done?

red headed stepchild said...

I must say the red sauce with ricotta IS amazing and has completely ruined me from here on out. I will never again look at red sauce the same way. Nor will it ever taste as divinely as it did Sunday afternoon.....