Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Excuse ME!

Schools crack down on inappropriate blogs

So now, school boards are going to start policing what students do in their spare time. Because school boards don't have enough to do already. I mean, you would think that banning Harry Potter and Judy Blume would occupy the vast majority of their time. And you would think that parents would be the people responsible for what their children do in their spare time. And you might possibly think that it would be the police department's job to investigate anything that might be illegal activity. But you'd be wrong. Or at least, that's what a school board in Chicago thinks:
Illegal or inappropriate blogging or social behavior over the Internet is now a violation of District 128's student code of conduct at both Libertyville and Vernon Hills High Schools and can lead to denial of extracurricular student privileges.
Ok,if the kids were doing this in school, then I could see the school getting somewhat involved. But this code of conduct means that what students do from home is now the school's business. What about letters they write to their friends? What about if they sneak into an "R" rated movie? What if they have a sexy phone conversation, the NSA gets a tape of it and turns it over to the school? What if they write a journal on their computer
then let other students read it, but don't publish it online? Why is this any of the school's business?

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red headed stepchild said...

This seems to be getting a little ridiculous. Ok. More than a litte. Heaven forbid the students sit down and publish a social and/or thoughful blog for their peers or do something creative or constructive instead of destructive. I know. Instead they should all go out, party, drink til they puke, do drugs, drive under the influence, cause massive car accidents that maim or kill themselves, and just generally be a nuisance to society.