Wednesday, May 31, 2006


I just got an exciting email, and because I know that all 4.3 of you that read this blog care, I thought I'd share the news. Remember when I told on our Copier/Printer Machines-of-Torture? Well, they've really done it now. They have overstepped their boundaries, and pushed even The Guy too far. As of October, they will be replaced. All 5 of them. We're not going to tell them, because then we'd have nothing to threaten them with. Even The Guy would lose his effectiveness, and they'd probably declare an all-out war with the reference staff. And when humans and machines battle, the machines always win. So for the next few months, we'll just continue to wage the battle, breathlessly waiting for the day when our machines will be replaced. Replaced with new Copier/Printer Machines-of-Torture.

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