Friday, May 12, 2006

America is Waking Up


I wrote a really long tirade last night about the entire NSA phone affair and the "no security clearance for this part of the government" mess...and by the time I was finished I had had one glass of wine too many and my coherence level had dropped significantly. I'll probably pretty it up later, because I'm not any happier about the affair(s) today.

But for moment, I'm going to print up the number 29 in about 144 font and go put it on a co-worker's desk to show him he's really in the minority now.


red headed stepchild said...

You know what I odn't understand, is how he can even be that high in the percentages. Unfortunately, I know 3 people who fit in the category of those who still support him. Why? Why? Why?

Goeve said...

I know several many people who stand by him and I flat out told them that they still do because they simply hate to be wrong! How is he not being processed for an impeachment hearing?! I hate this guy...I've never recalled a political figure let alone president that created such division within this country. And everyone feels so passionate about him one way or the other and fortunately the other is waning.