Thursday, May 11, 2006


Why do all men think that a discussion on women's issues begins andends with abortion? Do they really think that's all that women areworried about? This guy is seriously ticking me off, and has no cluethat I am typing to get rid of my frustration while he talks.


Karen said...

Deep breath..... now...

What guy?

Debbie said...

Oh, these guys were talking behind the reference desk about a woman's rights class a couple of days ago. The entire class was apparently about women's fight for abortion rights and the history of the abortion movement. (It was taught by a man). Then they started wondering why there's still "such a big deal with women wanting equal rights - I mean, they have abortion rights, don't they?"

And this morning a guy told me he wanted a book on "women's issues." When I found one, he said that it wasn't just on women's stuff b/c it only had one chapter on the legal fight for abortion rights. Like that's the only thing that would be in a book on women's rights.

Stupid people.