Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tagged Again!

Sis ( has once again tagged me. So here goes. At least it got me through the last hour on the reference desk. current clothing: Denim dress with cream turtleneck. It was supposed to be cold today. current hair: red, straight as a pin current mood: ready to get off work and have a glass of wine current refreshment: Diet Mountain Dew current annoyance: The printers. They refuse to work the way they're supposed to. current avoidance: doing my weekly filing that I promised myself I'd get done this weekend. current smell: Sweet Pea (which does not smell like peas, but fruit. Take that up with Bath & Body Works). current thing you ought to be doing: filing. didn't I mention that somewhere? current thing or things on your wall: I'm at the reference desk that doesn't have a wall. At my desk it's a picture of me and my hubby and a string of plastic hearts for valentine's day. At's a groovy picture of The Canterbury Tales. current IM/person you're talking to: Ms. J, the other librarian on duty this weekend. current jewelry: Wedding and Engagement rings, silver hoop earrings, silver necklace with a light blue pendant. current book: I'm almost finished with a Victorian romance (your classic Governess-becomes-wife story that still managed to be good). At work, I'm reading Moondust: In Search of the Men who Fell to Earth. current worry: That I'll get home and R will have already finished the bottle of wine that we opened last night. current favorite celebrity: Non of them are real enough to like that much. current obsession: . I have it on constantly. Well, except for when I'm at work. current love: Chocolate. Specifically, the Italian Chocolate truffles that my father-in-law brought me. There are 3 left, and I'm rationing them. current longing: for a weekend that I don't have to work. current disappointment: I ran out of coffee an hour ago, and won't have anymore til I get off of work. current lyric in your head: I've had Beethoven's Pathetique Sonata stuck in my head all day, cause it was the music playing on NPR when I turned my car off this morning. current music: Not allowed to have any at the reference desk. current favorite book: I'm having a craving to re-read Goddess by Mistake. Does that count? current favorite movie: Original Star Wars Trilogy. Preferably The Empire Strikes Back. current wish: that time could fast forward to six weeks from today, when I will be happily strolling the streets of Amsterdam. current happy thing: That I'm going to Nashville next weekend to see some grade school buddies for Mexican Margarite Madness. current undergarments: Hey. Let's draw some decency lines, k? current desktop picture: Well, I have four different computers at work that I log on to, and each has a different pic. Then there's the laptop and desktop at home. I think they are all currently set on pictures from space. current plans for tonight/weekend: work during the day, and drink at night.

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