Monday, February 06, 2006

The Sorcerer's Treason by Sarah Zettel

I picked this up because I wanted to explore some of the fantasy genre. I had been looking on the cheap table at Barnes & Noble for awhile, and finally snatched this up simply because it was the first in a series, rather than the "Third installment in the Devil and the Moon Trilogy" or the "Exciting Conclusion to the Outer Worlds Series." It cost me $5 (for a hardback!), so I wasn't going to be too upset if I discovered fantasy really wasn't my thing or the author sucked. This author didn't suck. It took me more than 50 pages to really be drawn into the story - to say I got tired of hearing how Bridget's past effected her present would be true, but an understatement. I understood from the first innuendo that she had had a baby out of wedlock (and no, I'm not giving anything away here). An interesting twist (well, interesting to me) came soon after I started getting bored, and then once she agrees to help the sorcerer that has landed on her door step, the action picks up considerably. From then on, I was hooked. It was a good story - a little clumsy with the language in a couple of places - but I love the concept of 'weaving' magic that is all over the place, and the idea that Bridget doesn't even know the extent of her powers (once she finds out she has them). I'm a sucker for magic. And anytime you have to try and figure out where the truth lies (and the ending left me less sure of one of the antagonists than I thought I would be), it makes for an interesting read. So will I finish the trilogy (because, as with any good fantasy, this is the first in a series)? Probably. I read the info on the other two online, and the third sounds like something I want to read right now! But I also like to read series in order (a neurosis of mine), so I'll read the second one first. That one actually goes back in time and tells the story of Bridget's parents. Writing the second book in a series so that it chronologically comes before the first is not a new writing device, but I can never decide how I feel about it. I want to finish reading Bridget's story now, not after I read another book. Why couldn't the author write the second book first, if that's the way the story really happened? Because she's The Author, and that's her right. And she probably has a method to her madness, one that I will appreciate after I read the next book. Even If I don't appreciate it at the moment, I know that the second book will give background information, so I'll read them in the order they are 'supposed' to be read. Well. That was supposed to be a quick "I-liked-this-book" post, and it ended up being something resembling a half of a book review. At least I feel like I'm putting that English degree to use.

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