Thursday, February 09, 2006

A few months ago, I was reading Wil Wheaton's blog and found a great music source. He had posted about, and couldn't seem to say enough good things about it. Of course, I had to check it out. And I fell in love. I was hooked - it was so simple to use: put in a song, and it creates a music station for you based on that song's qualities. Tell it what songs you like and don't like as the songs are playing, and it will adjust the play list to reflect that. Or, just let it play what it wants and discover some great music. The only down side of the program, was that it was only free for the first 10 hours - then you had to pay a yearly subscription. So I stopped using it after a while, sad that I had lost one of my favorite online tools. Then, right before Christmas, I went back to the site to see if I had any time left - and the whole kit and caboodle was available for free! No subscription charges! I could listen to music to my heart's content. During the holiday I carried my laptop with me everywhere, letting random songs play. It was kind of like those music channels on TV (good, because neither one has annoying DJs or commercials), but I could steer it myself. So, if you haven't tried, you should. Whatever kind of music you like, you'll probably find it there. And you'll probably find a bunch of stuff you didn't even know existed. And if you want to know a little more about how it works, here's a good article.

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