Monday, February 20, 2006

Back to the Real World

Update: I have fixed the link regarding President's/Presidents'/Presidents/George Washington/etc. Day. I originally linked to this, which, although it has some good info, really doesn't have anything to do with the Presidents. I'm sure that if I tried hard enough, I could come up with something snarky about george and toilets, but I don't feel like it. If you come up with a good one, let me know.

Nashville Snow II
Originally uploaded by lildebbie_77.
I spent the weekend in Nashville with some friends from grade school. It snowed the night I got there, and this is a picture of Friend J's front yard. Amazingly, we didn't make time to go roll around in all the white stuff, or even to throw a snow ball at each other.
On my way back into town, I stopped at my brother's new house to ooh and ahh over it. They've got a great house, and they're making it even better with all the renovations they have planned. Best of all, the computer finally has it's own room - as every computer deserves.
I got home Sunday night, and today was a holiday...which means I checked out a couple of President's Day sales (even though you may not really be celebrating President's Day.) Tonight, it's a quiet dinner with StepSon (who is feeling better, for those of you who knew he was sick this weekend) and then a couple of movies. Tomorrow, I get the morning to play again, because I'm working 1-10. But then it'll be back to the real world for me. Happy Whatever-Day-Your-State-Celebrates (see link above for clarification).

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