Monday, February 06, 2006

Kill! Kill! Kill!

{You have to imagine that those words are being said the same way that Arlo Guthrie did them in "Alice's Restaurant" when he was talking to the shrink and jumping up and down. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go find the song and listen to it.) This is absolutely beyond too much. Now he can kill whomever he wants? Since I don't have time to write a scathing post on it, please fill in the blanks for me. Feel free to put those filled in blanks in the comments, or on your blog - but please, fill in the blanks for me

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red headed stepchild said...

First, kick ass song! One of my faves! Second, HFS! I can't believe that. Now, I can understand if it were an active terrorist attack blah blah blah. But c'mon now. This is Bush, the man who has this funny ability to twist every law in our country to suit his own war mongering purposes. That's like giving him a license to kill, and along with his enormous size egomaniacal head, well, let's just say Canada is starting to look REAL good for the next 2 years!