Thursday, February 23, 2006

Google Goodies

We have more goodies from Google!
    Search Engine Watch reported today that Google has introduced Google Page Creator. Without learning any kind of code at all, you can put text, images, etc. on your personal webpage. It comes with 100 MB of storage.
    I read a  couple more articles about the new tool, and there are differing opinions on this new service. Some think this is a beta version of something that Google wants to eventually put in their much rumored and long-awaited office suite. Then there are those who seem to think that blogs can be used as web pages, and that static web pages are 'retro'. I decided I had to try it out for myself. After all, we all know I am a lover of all things Google.

So, when you go to, you have to log in with your Google account. Luckily, I already have one, so I zipped in my username and password, hit sign in, and was ready to be blown away again. What did I see?

"Thank you for your interest in Google Page Creator! GooglePage Creator has experienced extremely strong demand, and, as a result, we havetemporarily limited the number of new signups as we increase capacity. In themeantime, please submit your email address and we will notify you as soon as weare ready to add new accounts. Thank you for your patience."

NOOOO!!!! I waited til my lunch break so that I could play around, and now it's too late! I have to be on a waiting list! Agghhhh. reported that this problem happened within hours of the service being available:

Speculation has already arisen that this happens not out of demand, butcontrol. It is possible that Google wishes to admit a certain number ofusers to a service like Page Creator or Analytics, then watch them tosee how they use the service and make adjustments on the fly.
Then, after certain prudent and necessary fixes have beenmade, the invitations would go out to people on the waiting list.Google could observe how well their tweaks scale, make more changes asneeded, and eventually open the registration process up to more users.

What's interesting to me is that The Official GoogleBlog hasn't posted anything (that I've seen) about it.
Oh, and a final note that I got from this article - Page Creator is for web pages not sites. And you only get one. Don't be greedy.
And I love having a job where I get to keep up with this kind of stuff.

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