Friday, February 24, 2006

Dell sues a guy named Dell

Just for fun, assume your last name is Dell. And you design web sites for a living. So when you make your own website for your company, you call it .
(I know, this isn't very exciting yet. I'm getting there).

Let's say you're also into photography, and you want a website for that as well so that you can sell your pics. So you make a site - after all, you're a web site designer! - and call it
Did you know that Dell (the company this time) can sue you for using your own name?

At first I thought, yeah well, use both names. Ysomething like or something - and then I realized that's a little long. And, well, why shouldn't he use his name?
Then I realized that Dell is being completely ridiculous in the amount of money that it's trying to get (from The Register):
Dell America seeks €100, 000 in damages, €50,000 for Dell France, plusanother €500 for every mention of the word Dell on his website.

Did you catch that? €500 for every time he uses his own last name!?!?!
The blog that's been started to help raise money for Dell (the man) to fight Dell (the company) also says that in addition to the above, the company wants  €40,000 for using the name Dell - thats €40,000 for both Dell America and Dell France.
Hmmm...let's see....If all of this monetary information is correct, and we assume that the word 'Dell' is on the website 15 times (which is probably a conservative estimate, since there are at least 5 pages in his site)...that adds up to about €537,500. Luckily, the guy's on an island of the coast of Spain and lives by the euro, cause if he lived in the US that would translate to $638,154.74

For using his own name. That is one expensive surname.

Dell (the company) makes computers. Do they design web sites?  Apparently they had for a while - but that was sold in 2003 to another company. So why are they so threatened? As Mr. Dell put it:
"Dell does not build Web sites, I don't manufacture computers".

Dell, I love you - my home PC, my laptop, my work PC - they all come from you. You're my first choice. But let this one go. People have a right to use their name, for crying out loud. And if they're not competing with any of your products, let the small businesses of the world thrive.


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Larger companies have been known to stomp on the little guys. I doubt dell will win though.