Friday, October 21, 2005

Proud Moment

StepSon's friend is spending the night. Being the cool stepmom that I am, we're going to a Sister Hazel concert (it's at the local university and the tickets are only $10, and Sister Hazel isn't actually the best band around anymore....but he doesn't care - he's going to a concert), I bought snack food for them (baked potato chips and diet soda, but more than I usually get - and I have to admit, that was just as much for me as for them), dinner will be pizza and I even bought chocolate chip cookies so they could stay up all night on a sugar high. The boys are watching Anchorman - a perfectly horrible movie, I might add - and gobbling down their chips like they haven't eaten since they were given their last bottle 13 years ago. As StepSon hands his friend a soda he says - without even glancing my way - "Make sure you use a coaster if you're going to put it on the coffee table." Ho-Ly Furniture Polish Batman! Without being prompted my neurosis has slipped into his subconscious. My work is done for the day.

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