Monday, October 03, 2005

Beyond Disgusted

That is exactly how I feel about george's latest eye-catching stunt. Get all the tongues rolling. Well, at least this will momentarily take him out of the heat for Iraq, Katrina, and his many other deficiencies. I can just see him and the gang, all sitting around at Camp David drinking Brandy and smoking cigars (or whatever it is they do at Camp David), throwing out names for a Supreme Court Justice. george shooting them all down, one by one, until he came across the perfect answer. "I'll pick someone who has never even been a judge before - then they won't be able to pick their record apart! And I'll make it a woman!! No one can argue with putting a woman on the bench who has NEVER BEEN A JUDGE!" So after doing those crucial steps of strategy-planning, all he had to do was find a woman that had never been a judge. Given the number of women in this country who meet that criteria, george had to come up with another requirement, just to keep the task simple enough for him to handle. "Let's make it someone that I know!" How he managed to narrow it down to one woman after that will probably be a secret that time will keep for herself. I'm sure he had good reasons. And I'm sure that Dick agrees with them - wherever he is. In the meantime, we have Harriet Miers. And there, my friends, is how we come to have our latest Supreme Court Nominee.

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