Sunday, October 30, 2005

A Good Weekend

It's been an all around good weekend. Friends over on Friday for dinner, a full day of shopping on Saturday, and now a beautiful lazy Sunday. My poor next door neighbor's house got 'rolled' last night. He's the only one in our neighborhood, but I noticed a couple in the subdivisions around us. I think the husband wants to sleep in the bed of his truck tonight so that we don't get it next. Luckily, our neighborhood is so new, that our one-tree-allotment-per-house hasn't gotten very big. Some of the other houses had huge trees completely covered. One of my purchases yesterday was another bookcase. I knew it wouldn't hold very much - it only has two shelves - but I wanted to get some of my paperbacks out of the boxes that are stored under the beds and in the garage. I ended up cramming about twice as many books in it as I'd like to have, just because I was so excited to have the books out of boxes. I need another bookcase. Of course, the shelf shortage will only be worse in a few days. One of my last purchases of the day was a lot of 20 Nora Roberts books on eBay for a ridiculously low price. There are a couple of other lots of books that are extremely reasonably priced (I missed out on one that I really wanted - 15 books for about $8 - including shipping - but I started adding rum in my coffee and forgot to go back and bid on it. Ah well.), but I'm really supposed to be concentrating on my final project for school, not reading all the books that I'm trying to buy. Time to go enjoy the beautiful weather outside with a cup of coffee and another book. And Karen, I know you're going to ask, so: 1. KEY OF LIGHT-Book One Key Trilogy(HB w/DJ) 2. KEY OF KNOWLEDGE-Book Two Key Trilogy 3. KEY OF VALOR-Book Three Key Trilogy 4. FACE THE FIRE-Book Three Three Sisters Island Trilogy 5. JEWELS IN THE SUN-Book One Irish Trilogy 6. SEA SWEPT-Book One Chesapeake Bay Novels 7. RISING TIDES-Book Two Chesapeake Bay Novels 8. CHESAPEAKE BLUE-Book Four Chesapeake Bay Novels(HB w/DJ) 9. REBELLION-MacGregor book 10. THE MACGREGOR BRIDES-MacGregor book 11. THE MACGREGORS GROOMS-MacGregor book 12. THE STANISLASKI BROTHERS-MIKHAIL & ALEX 13. ENCHANTED-THE DONOVAN LEGACY 14. NIGHT SHEIDL-Night tale series 15. DIVINE EVIL 16. BRAZEN VIRTUE 17. SWEET REVENGE 18. THE LAW IS A LADY 19. MONTANA SKY 20. REUNION 21. HIDDEN RICHES 22. THE FALL OF SHANE MACKADE-The Mackade brothers


Karen said...

Haha. Yes, I wanted to know which ones you got! You beat me to the question.

Great books. Love the McGregors, and I think you'll really like the Jewel in the Sean series. Well, come on, it's NR, you'll love 'em all.

Debbie said...

Knew you’d approve. I actually read the Jewels in the Sun series at your house over a summer vacation…but I loved it and want it for my own. And I think I have the McGregor Grooms somewhere...
And I was wrong about the auction I won – I won 40 stories (about 33 separate books) for the bargain price of $28 (including shipping). some hardbacks, and 1 of the “Once upon a ….” things she does with other writers. I already have Once Upon a Castle, but this is a different one.