Sunday, October 09, 2005


Last night was StepSon's Homecoming dance; his first high school dance! I could tell he was nervous all day, because it was also his first formal date. He surprised me in the way he showed his nervousness, though. Usually when he's in any strong mood he's extremely hyper-active, talking nonstop and moving around restlessly. Nervousness, though affected him completely opposite - and reminded me of how I reacted all through high school in the same type of situations: Total shut-down. The closer we got to the time to leave, the quiter and more withdrawn he became. I remember doing the same thing before a first date, or a voice recital, or any time that I'd be nervous about something. As if by being still and quiet, I could make time stop and the anticipated/dreaded/hoped-for event would either a.) not happen or b.) just be over with. But, as always, time marched on and it was time to go to dinner. As soon as he saw that some of his (male) friends were already at the restaurant, he relaxed. Well, until it was time to walk his date in. There were about 6 or 7 couples having dinner together; they were all freshman, and none of them were actual "couples" yet. But they were awfully cute!

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