Thursday, September 14, 2006

It's been a while

What I’ve been up to:

¨ A whole lotta nothin’. Really. I’ve been working hard at doing nothing. If you don’t believe me, just look at the archives for the past couple of weeks. Know what you’ll find? Nothin’

So, here are some random thoughts from around my world.

Remember the job that I was waiting to hear about? Well, it didn’t work out. I’m still in the same position I’ve been in for the past year. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing – I love my job. But I was really looking forward to the flex-time. La Directora told me that we could revisit the decision in December. So there’s still a chance.

I bought my plane tickets to London! I also bought some for my hubby and StepSon. I’m just nice like that. We’re going the third week in March.

Is it the third week of March yet?

Speaking of StepSon, he is now a Sophomore in high school. I went and found his pics from the homecoming dance last year…and I swear, he’s an entirely different person. He’s grown about a half a foot, for one thing. And for another, his vocabulary has expanded. He now has a word other than *grunt* and “NO!” Just last Sunday, he said “food.”

Actually, he was quite talkative this past weekend. And when I hugged him…get ready….he patted me on the arm! I think I blacked out from the shock for a moment.

My parents’ 40th wedding anniversary is coming up. North Carolina had better take a deep breath and hold on tight, cause all my brothers and sisters will be there, with a few spouses, a few kids and the random aunt, uncle and cousin thrown in for seasoning. In the meantime, I’ve decided something:

As people get older, they should be forced to give away things they vitally need so that their children have some clue as to what to get them for important events. Seriously. This would be so much easier if they needed a set of dishes or something.

{me calling sis} “Hey sis, mom and dad gave all their wine glasses to charity! I know exactly what they want for their Christmas present this year!”

Yes, I did just equate wine glasses with vital necessities.

Back to StepSon: he’s decided he wants to play Lacrosse. Please don’t ask me why, since, to my knowledge, the most athletic thing he’s done outside of PE in the past three years was achieve astonishing speeds at changing channels when he gets control of the remote. I’ve never seen channels be examined and discarded so quickly. But that’s not really the type of activity that gives you good experience at throwing balls around with butterfly nets. His first game is this weekend, and because I’m working Sunday I’m going to miss his very first match. I’m going to have to make him Chicken Parmesan next weekend to make up for it.

The husband hasn’t done anything exceedingly noteworthy. He’s as wonderful as always, but he’s behaved himself recently.

So what’s up with you?


kimmie_kimbers said...

If you feel the need to buy any more tickets .... :-) I'd run away for a while :-)

sjer said...

'bout time you started posting again! miss u :)

smdrm said...

See email response to buying parents things for momentous occasions.

ksteele2 said...

Pass email response re "buying parents things for momentous occasions" on to siblings.