Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tribute to my Geekiness

I gave a presentation to the library staff yesterday on RSS stuff. I've been slowly trying to convince one or two librarians at a time that this is a good thing, and earlier this year our new site went up with a few feeds on it. So basically, it was time for everyone to pay attention to the fact that yes, the 21st century has started. I only had 20 minutes - and I knew there would be questions, so I had to keep it short. And I mean short. And one of our biggest and most popular databases (*cough* Ebsco *cough*) has the most convoluted way to use RSS feeds that I've ever seen. Explaining how to use that one feed took about 5 minutes with all the questions - and it sure didn't make it any easier to convince the librarians that have been around for 20+ years that this is something they need to learn. I could see the looks on their faces, clearly saying "I already get Ebsco email alerts, why is this even necessary?" So I hope by the time I showed them other, easier and more fun feeds, they were a little more into it. A couple of people told me that they went and immediately got a Bloglines account.
Now, I tried to be very careful not to hawk my love for Bloglines too loudly. I've tried out 5 or 6 different online readers, because I know that not everyone is going to love the one that I love, and I made sure that I mentioned alternatives to Bloglines a couple of times along with giving them a short list on the handout. I still felt like I was pushing a specific brand on them. But for the demo I was doing, I had to choose one. And since Bloglines is what I know the most about, that's the one that got used in the demo.
Anyway, I've gotten a few comments about the presentation. No one said it sucked (which is always encouraging) and a few people told me it went really well (even better).
My boss said "You were so...into it", which I took to mean that my geekiness was shining through at abnormally high levels.
Another librarian said "Are you always that dynamic in presentations?"  I really wanted to say it was all for her benefit, because this was the same librarian that told me an hour before the presentation that she would probably fall asleep and I shouldn't be insulted because "2:30 in the afternoon really isn't a good time for her".
Someone else just gave me a "Very Dramatic!" I haven't interpreted that one yet. Is dramatic good because that means it was entertaining (not what I was going for, but she didn't fall asleep so I'll take what I can get), or is dramatic bad because she couldn't fall asleep and that's what she wanted to do? This is not the same librarian who told me that 2:30 isn't a good time for her.
Thankfully, some people just said "that was very interesting" or "good job" so that I wouldn't have to spend what was left of my brain power on deciphering their hidden meanings.
I can only imagine how into it, dynamic and dramatic I would have been if I could have shown them the really cool things that you can do with RSS - I didn't even have time to touch on Flickr, or Farecast, or Pubsub ...


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